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SIP Trunk: A pivot for Unified Communications

Trends favoring adoption of SIP Trunk

Finding the most reliable SIP trunk provider for your business can be tough. In order to determine the best SIP trunk provider for your specific needs, you’ll have to consider things like rates, monthly costs, setup fees, and more.

On top of all that, you’ll most likely have to compare SIP trunk providers from many different countries. Luckily, Airtel made that easy by putting together detailed SIP trunking provider comparison for you! We chose the top SIP trunk providers from 11 countries based on their rates, feature-offering, reliability, and overall reputation.

We want you to find the best SIP trunking service provider for your business. Although Airtel proud to offer the most competitive rates in several countries around the world, Airtel know there are certain countries and situations where we may not offer the right service plan for your needs. Airtel the best SIP trunking service for you,

How to Compare SIP Trunk Providers?

When comparing SIP trunk providers, you’ll want to consider:

  • Subscription: Setup costs, price per channel, number hosting fees, etc.
  • Outbound Rates: The cost per call or per minute rate for outbound calls
  • Features: What comes included with your service, and what can be added on, any additional costs
  • Scalability: Your options for adding extra channels as your business grows
  • Customer Support: May vary by region or time zone
  • Service Countries: If you are a global business, you may need numbers in multiple countries