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Organisations today are rethinking the way they interact with customers, partners and colleagues. Everyone, whether a large, medium or small enterprise, are transitioning from traditional communication solutions to scalable and agile solutions that improve operational productivity while reducing costs.

Advantages offered Airtel PRI

While there are plenty of advantages offered by even a single PRI line, here are the main aspects:

  • Cost effectiveness because one PRI connection can take all the load of 30 separate lines. This means lower rentals and simpler management of your telecom landscape,
  • Additional features such as caller ID, call hunting and even direct inward dialing can be delivered by PRI lines.
  • Faster connectivity when it comes to making telephone calls,
  • Flexibility because your service provider can “play around” with not just your requirements of data and voice transmission but also the number of lines that you need to use.
  • Higher security because of its digital framework.

It has been developed primarily for industrial use whereas the BRI takes care of smaller offices or home requirements.

Airtel PRI Solution is end to end digital connection facilitating concurrent transmission of voice as well as data traffic over dedicated line it comes with 30-voice channels on single link offering your business the capability of upscalling and the flexibility to using multiple channels can e configured as well asa incoming, outgoing, or two way communication. Airtel PRI’s Voice solutions can cater to your business no matters how big or small it is Airtel’s PRI Solution is offered over TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) as well as SIP (Session initiated Protocol)