Call: 9035020041 Airtel New PRI line connection Price/Cost and Tariff Plans in Chennai – India

Airtel PRI lines solutions are best for all types of businesses as you can transmit massive data. We can provide you with an access to a telecom infrastructure as per your business needs. Our one-to-many digital circuit can stream data, video and voice by carrying 30 channels, enhancing your business productivity. Since we are in collaboration with top telecom companies. Airtel can supply you the best PRI solutions as per your needs at higher discounts.

Airtel PRI services is a form of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) that can receive or send 30 calls simultaneously. These services can be configured as incoming, outgoing and two-way communication channels. The best advantage of this service is, it can transmit 30 different data and voice over a single at the same time. Your entire office can use outgoing and incoming calls, send and receive files, and stream videos. Our PRI Service is two-way connectivity between ISDN compatible PBX and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). You can manage running 30 channels simultaneously and each channel offers 64Kbps for data transmission. Our PRI lines also enable you to connect two PBX for faster transmission of plenty of data.