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A leased line is a service contract between a provider and a customer, whereby the provider agrees to deliver a symmetric telecommunications line connecting two or more locations in exchange for a monthly rent (hence the term lease). It is sometimes known as a "private circuit" or "data line" it does not have a telephone number,

Internet Leased Line offers a high performance, carrier grade, dedicated connection, which gives you an individual, permanently assigned, uncontested connection or ‘port’ on Bharti Airtel Ltd. Internet backbone network. It’s an ideal solution for businesses that are outgrowing their dial-up and need a dedicated connection for 24-hours-a-day access.

internet leased line network

Bharti Airtel deliver reliable and cost-effective communications that are fully supported and secure. And because the service is designed exactly to your needs, you only pay for what you need – helping to control costs.

Bharti Airtel Internet Leased Line an internet service offers a premium range of services which equips your Enterprise with dedicated and high performance IP connectivity for running your mission critical applications over the internet.

Internet Leased Line ensures that you are equipped with the speed to stay ahead, even when you are competing against the fastest in the business.

Further to customize the internet speeds for your enterprise

Concurrency Ratios 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4
CPE Interfaces V.35, G.703, DS3 and STM1
Local Loop Copper Pair, Fiber